Brought to you by: Robs Repairing, Dubai. Pls Contact: 050 745 9491, evenings & Weekends

Brought to you by: Robs Repairing, Dubai. Pls Contact: 050 745 9491, evenings & Weekends
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Friday, January 23, 2015

MAN CAVE, (sort of..., like..., outside..., in the backyard..., ok, ok a work shed then)

 Once, I dreamed a dream of a place to call "My Man Cave". Twas just that: a dream. More elusive, (some would say selfish), a dream than any before or after it and which frankly I don't think you'll be able to realize, as a man, in this life, on this earth, married or un-, sorry to bluntly say so. An owned Man Cave is still as revered a sanctuary as it was back in the day when we as a race were all called Homosapien and we still were striking two flint rocks together into kindling to start a raging fire. Or, if we felt entitled to instant leadership skills, attempting to have someone do it for us....

Some of us are still trying this method (Phillip Phillips - "Turn My Soul into a Ragin' Fire").

Anyways enough preamble. Let us to the amble! I have been on a quest, like many of you, to create a man cave. Now in saying something as brash and bold as that, it presupposes many things. First, for instance, it presupposes a place that one can call home other than something rented; other than a place the bank still owns 90% of. So that presupposition just cuts a wide swath into my target audience because those who seem to want a man cave the most, those who seem to have the best design ideas and most enthusiasm for man caves,

The Home Brewing Laboratory of Every Beer Drinker's Dreams

are too those that are strapped and trapped by huge depts, unspeakably outrageous rents, or a 25 year mortgage, no where near its end. The come-uppance has not come up yet. And when it will, no one really can guarantee. So what then?

So we as an identifiable social group ought to unite and do sumpim. Cept we canna'. Whay? Cuz we iz strapped and trapped that's whay. We aint got no way, no how to unite, let alone see the end of our dept, the relief of our lease, the "mort of our mortgage. So I suggest trying to change your view on life and just be content with the situation and the day at hand, as it is, rather than as you would like it to be - believe me it makes for a happier day!

Do alternative things. Like, instead of dreaming about the ultimate man cave and then becoming frustrated in your inability to bring that dream to fruition, start with something smaller: a work shed for example. It's doable and it is a man cave of sorts right? Hey come on guys, I'm trying my best here!
But seriously, a work shed helps to take away the pangs of unfulfilled man cave grandiosity.

And you find that it actually is viable when you scrounge the materials from those that have been used in realizing some architect's dream somewhere in Iconica and RE-PURPOSE the heck out of them. 

A base is always needed this one is 6 by 4 feet, hardly  enough but given the nature of the build, as in, the use of repurposed material, sometimes 6 by 4 is all you're realistically gonna get. So you work with it.
One by ones frame in the walls leaving a shoulder width gap in front for the eventual door plus leaving room for the door frame remember!

Once again the structure is what gives you motivation to keep going on it. Once you have structure, the filling in detail bits are not necissarily easier but certainly feel that way, more fun, like. (kinda the same with writing eh?) Those of you who know about writing processes may well smile here....

Roof line. Mmm. Always tricky and not just for me. Why tricky? Well because you have start considering angles and when the angles don't mach up you get gaps and then you get truss collapses and things of that calamitous nature, perhaps now during the build, perhaps later during the assembly on site. Always calamitous potential looms when having to consider critical roof line angles.

So the easiest thing to do is avoid the angular agony. Just put a fifteen degree single back-sloping shed roof on the thing. Yes, you'll stil have to build trusses but it's harder to screw up a fifteen degree single back-sloping shed roof-line than it is to screw up a center-peaked design of any degree.

The three quarter inch ply panels were used because, um, because they were already there. And this is one of the secrets when re-purposing - make the project fit the available materials not the other way around, ok?

The benefit of doing so is that you get, in this instance of re-purposing, is a fantastically rigid sandwich wall of three quarter ply outside coupled with one by one frame and 1/2 inch ply inside paneling. Perfect.

So now the door. In some ways simple, in other ways the most complex process of the project, depending on how calm you can keep....

Making it fit is key. Making it swing right is key. Finding a good heavy duty set of hinges is key (re-purposed also, yes).

After fiddling around for a good morning or so finally the thing is built and not so heavy that it sags the minute you open it. Au contraire mon frere. It don't sag a whit! It does what it is supposed to do - (and we might even be tempted to comment: "just like Megan Trainor's shaking of her '....ah ain't no size two...' various body parts"). Don't be offended, don't be offended, don't be offended.

The thing is held together by drywall screws see and so it is made to be disassembled and transported if the need should arise. I found paint that matched the exterior of our house by some miracle of Allah's Prophet (PEACE BE UPON HIM.....). Cringed pause, no AK's? Phew! proceed. And it was called, get this: "Peanut Butter, Exterior". Matches exactly, I still stare in wonder and shake my head.

So then, work shed is achieved. If you have a look inside you will notice the work bench (also built by me in a previous session to keep my skills up, ahem.

More views of the built in work bench and also may notice a white stool poking its (possessive, no apostrophe!), white leg out at you.

So. In the end, you see, a work shed placed outside in the garden isn't so bad, in the scheme of things, in lieu of the dream't of Man Cave. And now you have a place where you can one, place all your tools in one place finally, stead o' scattered throughout the house in nooks cranny's, drawers, and hideaways that you don't have time to search every time a new honey do job is plonked up on ye, and two a place to sit and dream in detail now of the serious man cave you are gonna execute once you: one, Win The Lottery, two, Own that 3/4 mil place in Vancouver BC, three, actually have time to yourself to execute the serious man cave dream, bruv.

Peace out! As the hipsters might well say these days.

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