Brought to you by: Robs Repairing, Dubai. Pls Contact: 050 745 9491, evenings & Weekends

Brought to you by: Robs Repairing, Dubai. Pls Contact: 050 745 9491, evenings & Weekends
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Friday, January 23, 2015

Lofty Ambition

Up until recently my son laid his head to rest on a pillow in a racing car bed which we had purchased in a gleeful fit of four-year old primary care givers' indulgence and which he has hence outgrown (by about 2 years and a half ago).

So what I did was, I decided to build him a new bed. But not just any bed. This was a bed for my SON. It had to be a real cool bed; one that my healthy skeptic of a son would think was cool. 

Naturally, the loft bed idea was foremost in my mind. Why? Well, I think we all will agree from our own childhood experiences how the loft bed or bunk bed of our past held a certain fairy tale charm. It was the vehicle which we climbed aboard that then transported us from our learn-a-day drudgery to the nightly imagined world we built ourselves to escape....

What? Why are you looking at me like that?

You mean I was the only one child in this big world who built an imaginary world that I could get to, from the blanket-covered lower-bunk spaceship and upper bunk command center that I constructed and trusted as my vehicle to the world of the imagination?! Seriously?! Shucks! You mean, I could been doing REAL stuff all that time? Like guitar/piano/violin/singing lessons? Like mathematic/schematic/dramatic homework? Did I ever miss out!

So then, what goes into making a cool loft bed for your son? Come here. Let me school you for a few minutes - might-en even do you some good. See that there pile-o-planks? That is where you start, as with any project. Cutting to size then fitting and assembling with hardware. Then Voila you have STRUCTURE.

Once you have structure, you have smile accompanying, without question.

A big toothy smile, yeah!

So then you add to the structure, as is my usual process, from a plan lifted from the internet. I lack the time to prototype and if someone's built one already in the world and worked all the bugs out, taken the time to draw up a set of plans and write up a set of detailed instructions - FOR FREE, then I feel obliged, wouldn't you, to use the knowledge thus shared?

Guard rails are next to keep the boy from rolling off.

Another guard rail.

Front guard rail.

and finally, rear guard rail. That's about it. Ready for painting and installing.

Primary colors, red blue and yellow to fit the rest of the room.

This guy? I brought back with me from the world of imagination and presented him to my son as his guard. His name is Daoud, Daoud the Dragon. And he is a gate keeper and cabbie too, of sorts between this world and the one where he's from. Yes, he works for Uber.

Loft beds, vehicles to the world of imagination. This one is ready to go.

Done, and dusted.

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