Brought to you by: Robs Repairing, Dubai. Pls Contact: 050 745 9491, evenings & Weekends

Brought to you by: Robs Repairing, Dubai. Pls Contact: 050 745 9491, evenings & Weekends
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Monday, February 15, 2010

Bompani Washing Machine Main Drum Bearings, Catastrophic Failure (from long term use after initial damage)

The following article deals with one good condition but very tired 2005 Bompani 5kg front load Model Number LAFA0500A444. Pictures to follow once I get back from appointment to fix fridge in DuMARINA at 19:00.

Grinding noise and rotating drum tilting down in the front to the point of cutting into the lower portion of the door seal. Both drum shaft ball-bearings destroyed. Couldn't even find one ball from the front bearing and the water seal was completely deformed and twisted around the shaft!

Removed top, back panels and control panel of the machine to access everything.

Removed main drive belt. Pulled the drum pully.

Removed rear drum casing seal and seal retaining ring.

Removed rear drum casing

Removed temp-controller sensor from casing

Removed temp-cutoff sensor wires from casing

Removed heater element wires from casing

Extracted rotating drum.

From rear casing, punched out font and rear main shaft bearing races (what was left of them at least - i.e. the outer race on the front one!).

Tapped in the new set of bearings - 50 dirham for both, savings passed on to the customer.

Proper NSK bearings - made in Japan, baby, not elsewhere.

Factory guy would have told the customer to replace the rear drum casing, probably - it houses the bearing seats. It also costs 350 dirham from the warehouse in Al Qoz.

Reassembled, tested - very quiet, straight and true with new bearings. As it should be, dear.

Family smiling. Housemaid, less worried look.

Back doing its job beside its own brother, Bompani dryer unit, hardly used.

In this game, in these times, really, it tends to be WHAT you know more than WHO you know, doesn't it.Turns out to be very fortunate for me. I have struggled all life thru with the notion that there is actual truth TO the notion that it is more important WHO you know than WHAT you know. While mulling that one over make yourself at home on t'other side of the bridge, Bruv.

Just as a further example of WHAT over WHO, take a person who say, has figured out a mathimatical way dealing with probability formulae and what not, to consistantly win the lottery. I'd say that WHAT he would have figured out would be far more valuable to people than knowing this person WHO figured it out. By all appearances, in real life, WHO you know seems to be more important for those people who don't raelly have WHAT-FOR at all in terms of actual theoretical knowledge or practical skill to share with  anyone. Oh well. All I ask of you as reader is that if you take offense to the above paragraph and if you believe that WHO you know is more important than WHAT you know; please don't hunt me down and eliminate me just yet. I got a few more items to fix yet in Dubai.
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